Fred Riger (1915–1994) was a battle-tested pilot who flew dozens of combat missions during WWII. After his service to our nation ended, Fred decided to leave a good job opportunity at a New York City PR firm to return to his beloved hometown of Binghamton, NY and take on the daunting task of starting his own advertising agency.

In 1950, Fred Riger Advertising Agency, Inc. was born. Together with his wife Martha, who served as the agency’s office manager/bookkeeper, Fred built the business from a one-room office in Binghamton’s Press Building to a thriving, successful operation employing dozens of employees and serving hundreds of clients. Along the way, our founder displayed a unique blend of optimism, realism, creativity, and discipline that set the standard for his colleagues to emulate.

Although Fred retired in 1984 and died a decade later, those values are Fred’s legacy to us, present and directing in every Riger staff huddle, client meeting, and business decision. While the nature of our industry seems to change on a daily basis — and our name has evolved over the years as well — Fred’s guiding principles remain at our heart.

Fred Riger
Riger Advertising: 53 Chenango Street, P.O. Box 1623, Binghamton, NY 13902-1623


Riger is the oldest and largest (and most adaptable!) advertising agency business of its kind in South-Central New York State, serving a variety of business-to-business, education, financial, health care, non-profit/fundraising, retail, auto, tourism, and other consumer-oriented clients.

We are a multi-service marketing communications agency located in Binghamton, NY encompassing:


  • Advertising services
  • Public relations
  • Media services
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting services
  • Research
  • Sales promotion services
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Special events marketing
  • Digital, video and print production
  • Direct mail services
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Strategic planning services
  • Content creation


  • Satisfy the wants and needs of our clients with a customer-focused staff continually working to improve creativity and quality in all our work
  • Nurture mutually beneficial, profitable, long-term relationships with a diversified group of clients
  • Foster an employee-friendly organization where respect, teamwork, integrity and professionalism are guiding principles in all our dealings both inside and outside the organization.



Be the first-choice provider of proactive, creative, effective marketing and fundraising solutions.