Research Services

It costs more to NOT know than to find out.

We all know listening to our customers is important, but how often do we invest in it?

Research Template
Sample Experian Mosaic® profiles of potential customers
At Riger, we can help protect your investment by coordinating any and all of the following research services:

  • intercept interviewing
  • questionnaire development
  • distribution list development
  • focus group creation/facilitation
  • survey coordination
  • Experian Mosaic® profiles
Then we can help distill that research’s meaning and recommend how it should shape your branding & marketing strategy.


SUNY Broome prospective student identification

SUNY Broome knew the regional economic trends confirmed the feasibility of its new culinary degree offering. What they needed a hand in was figuring out exactly how to target culinary students to fill those seats come September! To help answer this question wisely, Riger implemented and collected results from: phone interviews with key community stakeholders, panel surveys with potential students, and an Experian Mosaic® profile reading of similarly minded students. The result? An empirically proven path to enrollment!

Wilber National Bank Logo
Wilber National Bank branding

When Riger interviewed the bank’s top customers, community leaders, and employees at each level of the company, our findings showed how people predominantly loved the odd, but endearing, Wilber name. They also associated stability and tradition with the arched window image in the previous Wilber logo.

So when we redesigned their new logo and molded a branding strategy out of it, we included an updated version of the window image along with the fitting tagline of “Bank on our good name.”

Wilber National Bank Logo