SUNY Delhi A La Carte Copywriting

When SUNY Delhi’s VP for College Relations and Advancement called with a question, he didn’t think we could solve his problem directly. He called asking if we knew of any writers who could interview the school’s deans and faculty and produce sales copy for their degree programs.

While we didn’t know anyone looking for a temp job in Delhi, we responded with, “We can do it. We have a couple freelancers, each with strong resumes in writing for higher education.” After talking to both of them, and getting quotes from each, we got back to the client with our approach and estimate. At about half cost of hiring a temporary employee, we were able to take care of the project in one summer’s worth of work.

As the saying goes, it pays to know the right people. Connecting the right people, the right media and the right message is what we have done for seven decades and continue to do with a passion.