As stated in our last blog post, maintaining contact with your customers is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, informing your customers of the many changes your business may be facing doesn’t always have to come through a solemn e-mail.

Uplifting social media campaigns can give customers a much-needed break from the influx of wordy reports and repetitive salutations. Here are four hacks your business can use to keep your social pages informative and positive:

1. Share Your Workspace: When marketing during a pandemic, transparency is key. Offering customers a brief glance into your new workspace provides a feeling of authenticity that works to establish trust and relatability. Without sharing too much of your personal life, you can show customers how you’re staying busy at home by snapping a few pictures of your home office or even taking a short video of virtual meetings between your employees. These quick insights can do a lot to make your business relationships more personal despite social distancing.

2. Participate in Social Media Challenges: Not only do customers want to hear from you, but they also want to know you are there for your colleagues. Try challenges that relate to your brand; for example, health care businesses could participate in the “See 10, Do 10” push-up challenge to encourage staying fit from home. Once someone participates, post the video, tag a new colleague, and keep the chain going! Such displays of unity and support within your business can prevent potential backlash from customers who may suspect a disconnect between your business and its employees.

3. Highlight Employee Safety Measures: Although your business should have a comprehensive list of safety measures available to read, there are also plenty of ways to showcase your dedication to safety in a fun manner. Consider having colleagues send in pictures of their most fashionable face mask or a lighthearted video of how they take advantage of a less crowded office. You could even create an incentive program where the most creative submission wins a prize!

4. Go Live: With more and more social media networks offering live stream features, capturing dialogues is easier than ever. You could invite two employees to talk about how they’ve adjusted to work at home or even invite a guest speaker to keep things lively for your customers. While viewers watch on Instagram or Facebook, they can comment with questions in real-time. Then the video stays on your page, so those who missed the live version can still watch it later.