When and as we emerge from recession, how will marketing change? The answer is a lot. The reason is basic human nature. When we go through a trauma, we change. As we recover, the survivors among us adapt. Become more resourceful. More responsible. Some change just a little. Some grow like crazy, and flourish. Either way, marketers should be prepared to deal with changed mindsets. Consumers–all of us–are more concerned with value than ever. We’ll still dream, but we’ll weigh the costs of those dreams carefully, responsibly, thoughtfully. Marketers will have to work hard to give consumers better reasons to buy their product or service. Consumers want value, but want it to be right. They want quality again. With good service. They want to be green. Not wasteful. Pure. Not processed. Brands that deliver this will be brands that survive. Brands that excel at it will grow. Used to be said, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Guess what? Some took that joke seriously these past few years. And we all lost.

Well, it’s not about accumulation anymore. It’s about prioritization now. Balance. Find that balance, find your market, and thrive.


Steve Johnson, Vice President/Client Services