Today’s topic on FredTalks: Why Are Style Guides Important?

The first question we always ask new graphic design clients is “Do you have a style guide?” If the answer is yes, great, but if the answer is no, we often walk them through the steps of making one because we think it’s that important.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is a set of rules any designer can follow when applying your visual brand. It includes foundational elements like:

  • Logo usage
    • different logo files you use
    • the proportions of those logos
    • what colors are the logos
    • how does the logo work on different backgrounds
  • Colors
    • primary brand colors
    • secondary colors that are acceptable to use with the brand
  • Font usage
    • primary and secondary fonts
    • any nuances around those fonts

Why bother with a style guide?

When customers are looking at your marketing materials, you want them to know, even it it is subconsciously, that they are looking at YOUR brand.

Now your brand is more than your logo or colors or fonts, your brand is your promise … but that’s a whole other FredTalk.

Are you interested in a style guide to keep your brand recognizable? We can help. Contact us today.

Jamie Jacobs, Partner at Riger Marketing Communications