Marketing to Gen Z is unlike almost any other age group. Luckily, social media apps like Snapchat are a perfect way to target these younger generations. Snapchat, a multimedia app known for its disappearing photos or messages, is extremely popular among Gen Z. The app easily allows companies to localize advertisements for their target audience, making it the perfect option for companies in college towns with highly concentrated areas of young consumers.

Types of Advertisements on Snapchat
There are several types of advertisements on Snapchat, each with their own benefits. First, there is the single image ad, with only 25 characters for your brand to catch the viewer’s eye. These images can use any filters, whether one of Snapchat’s or a filter your own brand created. Video ads can use any sound, music, or even augmented reality (AR) features! AR is especially impactful for product placement or try-ons, creating an immersive shopping experience for users shopping for anything from home décor to makeup.

Ad Locations
There are also different locations for ads within Snapchat – while the Discover page openly displays an image of your ad, story advertisements are embedded within the user’s own Snapchat feed. This means every time Snapchat users scroll through their friends’ stories, your commercial advertisement can appear between them. Commercial ads are non-skippable, 6-second videos; this timing is perfect for the shorter attention spans notorious among younger generations.

“Swipe Up”
All of these ads can also utilize the swipe-up feature at the bottom of the screen, which takes users to any website of your choice. It’s never been easier to shop for products you like, and it can all be done within the app!

Advantages of Snapchat Over Other Social Channels
The great thing about Snapchat advertisements is that they are full-screen, offering an authentic ad experience unlike other social media apps that show the user’s feed around the ad. Additionally, since Snapchat is a messaging service, Gen Z opens this app dozens of times throughout the day. Every time someone clicks on a Snapchat notification, they have a chance of seeing your ad.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on Snapchat advertising today!