Although it seems like digital and social media marketing keep inching paper closer and closer to the recycling bin, we’re happy to tell you the answer is a definitive NO. Direct mail is alive and well, and here’s why.

It’s no surprise that customers/donors of all ages have adapted their media consumption more and more toward the screen. Yet, in spite of this – or perhaps because of this – they also at least occasionally appreciate receiving the care implied by some good old-fashioned mail that the marketer seemingly “took the time” to send them.

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey, 32% of US consumers say they experienced digital fatigue, feeling overwhelmed with the number of digital devices they need to manage, especially since the pandemic shutdown. Direct mail offers these same people a welcome break of the simplicity of paper at the beginning, middle or end of their day.

Not only does direct mail offer a refreshing alternative to the influx of online advertising, but it also gives us marketers the chance to make our message more personable and customized. In doing so, you can establish a deeper connection with your customers and donors that instantly sets your company apart from others. Depending on your target audience’s age, customization in the digital space can be incredibly effective, but risks being perceived as invasive. By contrast, a note from someone who hand wrote and personalized the piece with your name can be received as thoughtful.

So, is direct mail dead? No. Does it work its best paired with a precise digital strategy? Absolutely.